The foggy future


At this point in life I am not quite sure where my life is going. In fact I am afraid it may leave me stunted.  It’s a terrifying thought. I just graduated top of mu class  with excellent grades and yet the future seems scary. Well, I pray it gets better. Being busy each day helps me feel complete and the idea of not having what to do in the long run scares me so much. I don’t want to seat home, I want to wake up early each morning and go to something for people, something for myself.

It’s been a long journey of contemplation. The fear comes at every level of growth. What if…..becomes your daily bread.

At this point there’s no one to blame. And that becomes a complication because it’s all falls on you. I promised myself that I won’t allow myself be depressed and yet I fear I may become depressed. Why? Because the future looks foggy. One moment I think I have it and another it feels like it is slipping away.

I want to be useful. I want to be helpful and want to be needed. If I stay home i will be limited. I dont want to stay home.

Be hopeful.  Life is what you make,  it so they say. Is it really though? Is it not what God makes it …what he desires it to be?

I should wait on him but the fear of uncertainty ovetwhelmes me.


2 thoughts on “The foggy future

  1. It takes a brave soul to dive into the deep waters even when they do not know how to swim. Do not let society blind you with the office job being the ultimate. With your energy, ever busy mind, brains, different passions, the deepest waters are the limit!!!, do not the the fog confuse you, even it fades when the sun comes out of hiding!

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