Enough with this madness!

Things were never working against you, you were the one working against you. Have you realized that most of the ideas you get are killed in your mind before they even make it to consider-ability stage. We tend to talk ourselves out of it before being sure we don’t need it. How then will we achieve progress?


I choose to celebrate the good times and make the best of all opportunities.

I am fed up and you should be too.

Take charge of you. Change what you do not like. Stop setting up yourself for unhappiness. Remember to live like a rich man because only then will you learn to work like a rich man to maintain your status.
I have realized that I have been through a lot in my life most of which I have not actually experienced. Enough is enough!

Enough with this madness. You and you alone are your worst enemy. Get out of your way and let God. God has given you everything that is pertaining to life:use it. No one will do it for you. Please take charge.  You are the king of your life. The Lord have you that authority when he have you the gift of choice. You are who you are today because you chose. Do your best and let God worry about the rest.


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