I fell in love with a monster twice.

I remember the moment like it were yesterday. The gentle waves hitting at the boat as we sailed towards the resort. Sometimes so waves cause water to land right into the boat,but I didn’t care. The entire experience was exciting. It got to a point were we could not see where we were from or even where we were going but that was part of the charm.

The tour around the resort was amazing. I fell in love with almost everything about the place,the cabins, the entire layout was just nothing like I had seen before.  Maybe sometime I’ll take you.


Unlike many places I ‘ve been to, the chef welcomed us with juice so fresh you could taste the fruit. The evening was simply perfect, I even learnt how to pitch a tent.

Then came the night that was simply different. To date I try to describe it to myself but I can only picture it. It was crazy. At around 2 am in the night, the skies opened up with a vengeance. Because we had had a few ant infestation right before we went to bed, we ended up in one of the more larger tents just to relax & I remember we watched 24.

So while we cuddled up to try and keep warm, drops that one can’t ignore began to find their way into the rent. The other tents were infested and so we had to make it work. The brave guys in the group of six rushed out to borrow tent covers from the other tents to lubricate the one we were in. It didn’t last long before that too that didn’t work. We ended up sleeping at 5 am.

I swore to myself that I would leave as soon as I got a chance in the brighter morning. But somehow when the time came everything was perfect. I cozzied up and the night that was became a distant memory. It so happened that it rained again the next night and we were wet all over again. There was no amount of excitement that could have cheered me up.  I regretted not having left when i had the chance.

But you know what. The camp was perfect in its own way mostly because of the awesome people around me plus I enjoyed using imaginary walkie talkies. I will take u there some day.

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