The most important days of your life.

It is true that the two most important days of your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why. The day you are born is typically your beginning without which you would be in the picture or if you did, it would simply be a pigment of a great authors imagination.

Its your first smile, your first step that tell your story and its simply amazing. Anyone would be a fool not to see that. Many times it may  not even matter if the child was adopted, or if the conception was a mistake, a case I completely disagree with. The birth of a child simply a joyful moment.

But you see it does not take long before people begin to move past the day you are born. The day remains outstandingly important and that’s probably why we celebrate birthdays. However, it only lasts that one day and noons cares anymore or at least not as much.

This is the point at which the 2nd most important day comes into play. The day you discover why you were born. This day is so important, it shapes the rest of your life. It may even establish your value to the people around you. I am of the view that when people feel like there’s a gap you fill, then they know they need you. If they don’t, my friend you could go through life unnoticed.

Don’t get me wrong, life is not about getting noticed, no way then you’d be full of yourself. But no man is an island either. Don’t be fooled everyone loves to be loved and accepted and that my friend is embedded in the answer to the question, why was I born?.


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