Tales of a college student.

Hi there!

So its that time in the semester where we do exams. It comes with mixed feelings on a whole as you could imagine. Many of us are warned out from all the activities we’d been doing throughout the semester ofcourse that includes hanging out with you guys; but that part was the fun part. Here’s the catch though, idearly this is when we should be reading probably our hardest and all but we are just so tired and want to break free.

For some of us this is when for some reason we just want to catch up with friends, go on crazy thoughtless endeavours and just let ourselvsles go. In fact, at this point its the brain has shut down.

Am in my room now, just been reading for my radio drama exam paper. While I was innocently will on to read and master my concepts, it starts to rain real heavily, with a vegence. What am I supposed to do….I can literary hear my bed calling out….it gets harder every passing second..

Anyways I need to run, go catch up on whatever it is I will be doing, enjoy the rest of your day.


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