In Kampala there’s no hurry, take your time. In fact, it is said that when one sets an appointment then it’s customary to add an extra hour to the initially agreed time. It’s so amazing, when one takes a walk through the city, it’s the happy faces, the yawn of a hungry man, yellings from conductors calling out to the people to board their taxis. Shops opening up, the roads swamped with vehicles. A cripple rushing through the street. As long as the sun is up, the city is running. At city square we find multiple malls, my personal favorite is Mutaasa building. It caters for all, there’s all kinds of businesses, right from a lady selling ground nuts to someone selling bridal gowns. It sounds weird but in Kampala it doesn’t matter what you have or who you are, the sky is the limit.

The drivers on the other hand are a case to look into. No one knows the rules anymore, it’s how fast can I get to my destination and the shortest time possible would be appreciated. This is true especially since in Uganda one does not have to actually have gone to driving school or even have trained at all to get a drivers’ license. Almost anything can be paid for with cash. It’s crazy but it’s what is. The more disciplined drivers take longer hours to get to where they are going; mostly because even when they stick to the right lane, the poor road users keep over lapping on shoulders and cause deadlocks.

The funniest part is that in Kampala, there’s a particular category of persons who stand at the various stages to either rob others or even de-tooth the taxi conductors who have labored all day to make. This is done indirectly through charging them stage fees which is un called for because ideally the stage is free space for every citizen of Uganda.

Despite all this fracas, Kampala has been cleaned up, there’s almost no litter these days. Thanks to Kampala City Council Authority, multiple dustbins have been stationed at certain locations which has greatly improved on garbage disposal. So the place looks good.


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