Who we are is as a result of our speech.

Clichés as it appears, words are an essential aspect of life that we choose to ignore. We ignore these and yet they have such a great effect on what we are or what we become as time goes on in life.

Tell me this: have you ever been hurt by what someone said to you? Or have you ever been encouraged by what someone said? This is true for everyone and what you need to do now is to allow yourself to relive that moment and remember exactly how it felt. Only then can you appreciate the power of what we say.

A wise man once said that words are like containers filled with something. Guess what you determine the contents in your container, take charge. Why should you take charge? Because you are measured by your words, you obtain your reputation by your words in short be sure to say the right words at the right time.

You might just change your fate.


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