You have only one life to live: its not a Rehearsal.

Hope you slept well last night, I know I didn’t but that’s for another day. For now all I can tell you is to, spend more time with the people that celebrate you and less with the ones that despise you.


Here’s why its preferable: those that celebrate you appreciate you and more often than not love you so let’s say that they have your best interest at heart.
The ones that despise you, stay away because they only bring your dreams down. Its true that they are important in life, mostly because you learn from them & sometimes what they say to you could make you a better person. So look out for but don’t keep them close, they will surely hurt you.

A wise lady once said that sometimes all we have are great memories to hold on to but the friendships may not last as long as we would have loved them to.

Love, when that happens don’t be afraid, pick yourself up, dust your feet and find another door that welcomes you. You live only once. Don’t waste time trying to please another because you want them to accept you.

Don’t forget to embrace change. Sometimes its painful, heck most times it is painful but you know what? It means your growing up and part of growing up is out growing certain relationships and personalities in your life. They have served their purpose and now its time for you and them to move on.
Hope your day turns out great, I know mine will.


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