Hold on to it when it matters…

Today while I stood by the door,looking down at my friends …it dawned on me how much we take for granted. Waking up in the morning & looking up at the sunrise, laughing with friends and strangers.

Its a special feeling,today it all makes sense. I know a guy that I love . His quite awesome, he lights up a sad day and makes painful moments sound as if a joke has been cracked.

Normally one would say that’s mean,but it helps me laugh through the pain although at times its a mix of tears and laughter, which eases the pain.

His like a brother to me, I ‘ve known him for over 5 years now and each moment was special.

Funny thing is when we were much younger he hated me. He thought I was arrogant, yah because am a crazy chap. But today he can’t go a day without telling me how much he loves me.

But then there’s the other friend, I am very furious with, he took me for a ride. He took me for granted and it made me furious. It took me a while to figure out, but when I did I to charge. I have learnt to appreciate people and to let go when it matters. It’s really not cool when taken for a ride.


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