Life is like a flower standing in its splendour

It can be beautiful to look forward to each day in life. There’s being a child which by far is my favourite stage in life…..your free with no concern for what the world thinks of you, you are open to meeting others like yourself and light up at any opportunity to play together no matter how lame the game.Each flower glares in its beauty....

And then comes the golden teenage age frenzy, like a prince charming it sweeps you off your feet, major changes occur in every aspect of your entire being. All we tend to desire stage is to be known and seen, well its not an ideal line of thought but a very exciting one.

Like a flower when plucked out and not put into a water vase, will wither and be no more….there comes a time in life when we grow up in fact the world dictates that we do so. we learn to walk, deal with complicated situations, to make decisions with the consequences in mind heck we make many mistakes doing it…but thats what makes it beautiful.

Each flower glares in its beauty….

LOLO LILI LALA how we respond at this point could kill you or even water you up into a blossoming flower that every girl wants on her pouch.


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